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Are you struggling to sell your products online?

I will help you to stand out from your competitors, grow your business and get the return of the investment you deserve!

Build your Online Business in 2024

Take your business online and get an impactful and beautiful online store with SEO optimization.

Market your business with ads on the right Social Media networks and let your customers find you easily on Google and other search engines without draining your wallet.

Get the right digital strategy and implementation plan for your business, or learn how to do it yourself with personalized 1:1 coaching sessions or customized training for you and your team.

My Services

sandra chaparro ecommerce implementation


Implementation and Management

Get the professional online store that you always wanted to showcase your products, SEO optimized!



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In Social Media and Google

Stop wasting money on ads that are not selling and get the return of the investment you deserve!



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Strategy, Planning and Implementation

Personalized consultancy to develop and implement a powerful online and offline sales strategy.



Online Discussion


Learn to think as a big business

1:1 Business Coaching sessions to evaluate your business ideas, create a business plan and implement growth strategies.



Virtual Team Meeting


Digital Marketing Tools Training

Tailored training sessions for you or your team on practical aspects of digital marketing, platforms and solutions.



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Consultancy and Implementation

Use neuromarketing techniques to improve the impact of your advertising and the connection with your brand.



Sandra Chaparro

I am Sandra Chaparro

I was once a corporate gal, fortunate enough to work for organizations such as Google and Microsoft. Now I am helping entrepreneurs and small and medium businesses to transform their businesses and bring them to the online world.

I am passionate about what I do, and if you want to improve the profitability of your business, position your brand, have a long-term plan and learn to think as a well established company, it is time to talk with me.

Let's Connect!

Get in touch to learn more about how I can drive your online business forward. With a complete set of services, I know how to help you and your business grow and flourish. All you’ve got to do is get in touch with me, through social media or by sending me a quick message here!

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